Efficacy assessment

Assessing the effectiveness of a cosmetic product is a very important and demanding part of the job. Based on the estimated effectiveness of the cosmetic product, they are defined claims. The effectiveness of a cosmetic product can be assessed by sensory tests (in use) and instrumental methods. For both methods, it is necessary, first, to define the Protocol. The objectives of the Protocol are to enable a trained evaluator to evaluate a cosmetic product under the same conditions, the same techniques, in the same way, so that the results obtained are reliable, accurate and reproducible and easily comparable. Sensory analysis can be a very reliable and reproducible tool for determining the sensory characteristics of a cosmetic product.

As parameters for assessing the effectiveness of a cosmetic product by instrumental methods, the most common are: pH value of the skin, transepidermal loss moisture, skin moisture content, sebum content on the skin surface… For this purpose we use Courage Khazaka Electronic device.